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TS 10th Results 2022

 TS 10th Results 2022  may be announced soon in the Month of July either in the second or third week as soon as possible as the exams may be started so it is very important to all the students to know the updates regularly. TS SSC Results 2022 the Main exam Telangana 10th Class Result 2022 Date  at Manabadi and also Schools9 TS Telangana state which is a newly formed  state in the Country India, the Telangana state conduct most important Ts 10th Class exams in the Year 2022 and will surely releases the Telangana TS  SSC 10th Result 2022 after students wrote in the Month exam Conducting for all Subjects and processing it completely to all the Students who are eagerly waiting to check through Hall Tickets. Ts 10th class Results 2022 is most valuable Important to all the candidates so check for the updates                               

Holi 2022 Date in India Calendar Hindi

 Holi 2022 Date in India Calendar Hindi can also be known by every calendar as so many will be eagerly will be waiting to enjoy with friends. 

 Especially for the children as they really likes to play with color water on each other and parents mainly should take care about the kids regarding the color powder.

 As it is very important to every one who celebrate with colors as well as by inviting the friends and relations so in Hindi the date of Holi is on 17th March according the latest News

This is a very special festival in which especially childrens will be enjoying on that day.

Holi 2022 date--Indian festivals and celebration.

Holi (also known as the festival of colour) is an Hindu religious and cultural festival that takes place each year. The celebration includes throwing colored powder at friends and strangers alike, which made me wonder: When does Holi 2022 take place?

What is Holi the significance of the festival

Holi is a celebration that marks the end of winter, The Indian festival celebrates the end of winter where people throw paint and water at each other in an effort to wash away their sins and frightful memories. It is a symbol of ending all social privileges and hierarchical order.

Holi 2022 Date Hyderabad 

Holi or the festival of Color is a popular Hindu Festival that's celebrated every year the vernal equinox. It represents a symbol of 

Festival of Colors. The festival falls on a full moon day in 

March or from 13th to 14th March 2019 

according to the Gregorian Calendar

Holi Celebration Festival Foods

The holy Spring Holi or festival of colors is coming back home to India this year. The Holi festival is the time to celebrate the victory of good over evil, ulteriority over docility, virtue over sin. 

Traditionally celebrated by people all over India with an extravagant fervor, Holi celebrations are marked by playing games with great abandon.

 The beloved festival is known for its sheer unabashedness, the bright colors out in force everywhere, and celebrating openly which everyone comes away feeling fresh and vibrant.

 Holi 2022 Date Telangana

In Telangana Stae has decided that the Telangana Statehood day and that it should be celebrated as a statehood day every year after. 

The state also announced 2020 as Telangana's first-ever statehood year and made plans to celebrate it over these milestones:

What is the meaning of Holi

Holi is a spring festival celebrated annually in India and some other parts of the world, traditionally on the full moon night of Phalguna (Phalgun) (Mar. and Apr.). and marks the end of Holika -Dahan or Chaitra Shashti according to the Hindu calendar.

 Celebrations generally extend over two days on the eve and on the day of Holi, culminating in thrill-seeking on one or both days.

Places to celebrate Holi 2022

Places to celebrate Holi - In India, Holi is celebrated as a festival of colors. Although it can be celebrated throughout the country, it has different names in various regions. It's also called play of colors. 

People gather to celebrate holi by throwing colored powder and water at each other. There are a variety of Holis around the world too, including Holifestivalas in Lithuania and Pacific Holi Day here in Canada.

The festivities are accompanied with Bollywood music, floats, confetti, happy confetti cannons and color powder

The color powder is a pre-show ritual where members pour the colored powder on people in the audience. The festive mood will officially move in when many of these audience members end up with a mixed rainbow complexion, ranging from light pink to deep purple, and pants or shirts bereft of all white unlike anything one would see during their  routine.

 The festivities continue until late night where giant street parties take hold. One can also expect food trucks celebrating regional cuisine from Tamil Nadu to Haryana, Shanghay to Kolkata and even deserts from Rajasthan to Nagaland yearning to be tasted


Holi 2022 Date in India Calendar Hindi


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