Makar Sankranti 2022 Date in India Calendar

 Makar Sankranti 2022 Date in India Calendar is going to be near as the January had came and actually this is the correct time in which every child will think about colorful thoughts to enjoy.

It is actually which is unforgettable and enjoyable day with colorful lights on the Blue sky by singing songs and As many family members will be waiting from so many days about to enjoy this festival on that day with friends especially near to the home who are present.

Sankranti in the year 2022 is really the main important popular celebrated Hindu Festival that occurs on or around in the Month of every year that is on January on 14th across the Country India.

This Festival day is also known by various different names and there is a variety of important customs observed in all the most important different in Indian state

Despite these important most variations, it is really harves

Thanks giving Sankranti Festival in the Year 2022 marking the start of valuable spring, the end of the most important.

It is the real unique among the Sankranti Hindu festival as the exact date is mainly based on  solar calendar rather than phases of the main moon. This means it falls in the Month of January that is on the date 14th in the valuable western known calendar.

Sankranti 2022 Date in india calendar is very important to every one in which they celebrate this festival by flying kites in the sky

People will be enjoying this great sankranti only in the Month of January especially with beautiful colorful Kite 

This Sankranti for 2022 is much more interesting especially mainly for the childrens likes to go to upstairs and watch flying kites with there friends and remembering the childhood friends.


Makar Sankranti 2022 Date in India Calendar