Happy Pongal 2023

Happy Pongal 2023 Date as it is going to come and near in few days as we are welcoming 2023 and the invitation as This is the correct time to come out of the house as it is new to every one only in the Month of January.  

As every year comes in the first Month as this Festival for the year 2023 in the Country India. on that day early in the Morning all the family members.

 Get dressed themselves in traditional way, draw Rangoli with different colors in bright, also prepare sweet with new harvested Rice,milk,Jaggery and pray respect to sun god as it is the fresh start of the year.The Milk is Boiled on sticks lit and milk is allowed to overflow as it is considered auspicious.

When is Pongal 2023 so many friends and relatives will meet together and can find the total detailed information from the Telugu Calendar also so it will actually begin on the day Friday that is on the date 14th January and mainly ends on the day Monday that is on 17th January in that time Dates may actually vary.

What are the Four days of Pongal 2023

Bhogi Festival on 14th January in that Month that is on the day Friday

Surya Pongal on 15th January on the day Saturday,

Mattu Pongal  on the day 16th January that is on Sunday

Kaanum Pongal on the day 17th January that is on the day Monday

What is Pongal 2023 Means 

The Pongal Festival actually means  to boil over or the overflow in the reference to the perfect dish that is mainly traditionally perfectly prepared on that day. The dish involve newly harvest of a rice, 

 pongal Festival wishes is very important to all the people who are waiting for that day as they find the information about this important festival updates

As it is very much valuable to all regarding Festival for the year 2023 so it is in the Month of starting January. 


Happy Pongal 2023