Sankranti 2022 Telugu Calendar

  Sankranti 2022 Telugu Calendar mainly for the children to enjoy on that Day in the State of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana with the Relatives students childrens Parents likes to know the correct details as many are waiting to see the Brightful Color Yellow Red,Pink on the Top from every House with Music system to enjoy.

It is very valuable  important to all the people who celebrate with their family members and friends together by flying kites in the sky.

So many people can find the correct detailed valuable information regarding sankranti 2022 festival in Telugu as well as to prepare. So check it from any calendar

In a few days this Festival is going to be coming all the kite shops are preparing in different kites sizes like small and big in which the children will be enjoying with the friends especially.

Every Year its like a colorful Sky in which all the friends and relatives mainly meet at one place to in the upstairs and will be buying from the Shop happily with smiling face and another detailed point is that parents and elders will be finding the Sankranti Date Telugu  Calendar for the year 2022.


Sankranti 2022 Telugu Calendar