Ugadi Subhakankshalu 2023 in Telugu

 Ugadi Subhakankshalu 2023 in Telugu so this festival Ugadi or Yugadi is mainly observed with the great enthusiasm by all the people in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka. 

Ugadi means 'the beginning of a new age' so on that day all the family members will prepare ugadi Pachadi and the Ugadi 2022 date is on 22nd March.

Ugadi 2023 Telugu Calendar

This article is about the Upcoming Telugu Calendar of the year 2023 without Kundali, but with Nakshatra Monthly Sheets.


Ugadi 2023 Telugu Calendar

What is Ugadi?

Ugadi or Ugitha is a Hindu celebration that falls on the first day of the month of Chaitra, marking the beginning of the New Year for many people in south India and Andhra. People make profound resolutions and take an oath to fulfill them to the best of their abilities and celebrating it by visiting various temples and observing fasts.

When is Ugadi?

Hindus celebrate Ugadi, also known as Varshphalami, on the first day of the month of Aswaja. It falls at different times each year because it is an Indian national holiday that follows the Hindu Calendar. The holiday celebrates the New Year of all Hindus that are observant to Hinduism's cycles of time.

How to read the Ugadi 2022 telugu calendar

Ugadi is a Hindu festival celebrated in most parts of India and by Hindus worldwide. It marks the end of the harvest season and new year for many farming communities (locally known as Pesha). The word Ugadi has its origins in Kannada ‌meaning "new beginning or commencement."

Why is the Ugadi 2022 telugu Calendar Important?

Ugadi is an Indian festival celebrated to mark the moment when the sun enters Aries. It is this solar event that marks the beginning of spring. The word "Ugadi" means change or transformation, which makes it an important day for reflection on past decisions and looking to into the future with hope. 

The telugu Ugadi calendar typically includes festivals such as Ugadi, Ugadi Paduvu, Ugali Tulapani and Oggarane.


The month of April is the vernal month for the tamil year.

 Ugadi 2022 celebrations start today

Ugadi 2022 Telugu Date 

The Auspicious traditional occasion of Ugadi is on Saturday, March 31, 2022 and it falls in the Vaishnava Puranas. It welcomes the new solar year and remembers the victory of good over evil.


Ugadi 2022 Telugu Date

What is Ugadi 2022?

Ugadi is primarily a Hindu festival that falls on the first two days of the month of Chaitra. The date (date in the Gregorian calendar when it falls in India) changes every year according to the solar cycle, because when it falls in India, since it is likely to occur near the vernal equinox. It's celebrated primarily in southern and eastern parts of South Asia.

What happens on Ugadi?

Ugadi is the New Year Festival of Telugu people, who celebrate it by offering water to Brahma. The Vidhan Sai fasting ritual is also performed during Ugadi. They will accompany this with other rituals like worshiping their grandparents and other elders in the family.

Facts about Ugadi

Ugadi is a Hindu and Jain festival that celebrates the arrival of spring and new beginnings. Thousands of Hindus around the world will celebrate this auspicious date on April 13, 2022 by singing songs and drinking milk.

It is said that drinking boiled cow's milk on Ugadi battle thirst for longer than at any other time of the year. 

Ugadi also coincides with Raksha Bandhan, which honors family members and loved ones.

Celebration of Ugadi 2022

The Ugadi celebration marks the end of the Telugu year and begins 14 days of festivities celebrating prosperity, peace, and harmony. It means "ocean bird", which is symbolic of freedom. 

The first day is seen as a time to wash away sins before the New Year to make auspicious beginnings. During this there are also ceremonies done thanksgiving by worshipers to please Varahi goddess.

How to celebrate Ugadi

Ugadi is the Telugu word for new moon, also celebrated in Kannada and Malayalam. There are different rituals, but they all involve thanking , The nine day festival begins with people fasting until the third day when they break their fast.

Preparations for Ugaadi

Whats the significance of this date?

Ugadi Festivals

Telugu people celebrate Ugadi Festival on the first day of Chaitra Masa every year. If you are curious to know more information about this festival, you can read this article.

Ugadi is known as

Ugadi is the new year festival in some parts of India, especially Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. There are many different stories about its origin, but most say that it originated on the vernal equinoctial day which marks two things - the beginning of spring and an ancient Hindu calendar. 

The festival usually falls on April 14th or 15th. I went to a temple for morning prayers and learning about the celebrations associated with Ugadi.After the prayers I saw these people tying colourful threads

Why this day is important

Ugadi is a day celebrated in South India, a few variations of what they call it. It's important to some because it's new year, others celebrate on this day because they feel joy and the festivities started new life that symbolizes hope for growth and change.

What are the traditional rituals

The rituals will start a week before the festival in a ritualistic purification ceremony called Sankranthi Sheerodayam, in which pictures of great legends and cultural icons are drawn on the floor. 

This is followed by a white-washing ritual in order to prepare for Ugadi. We all come from an 'Ahno' or clan and it is customary for us to visit homes belonging to other clans. Floral designs from flowers such as rose, lavender, jasmine, iris and weed are made during this visit. Home visits can go on till late in the evening of Ugadi.

Celebration of this festival

Ugadi Festival is extremely significant to the people in south India. It often falls on different days each year because it's based on a lunar cycle. In 2018, it falls on April 13th, but in 2019 it'll fall on March 29th, 2020 it will most likely fall on March 18th.

 There are celebrations going on for over 24 hours with a lot of color and excitement. 

Ugadi is a Hindu festival that refers to the commemoration of the homecoming eighteen years ago. 

It celebrates justice over evil and lightness overcoming darkness bringing together all sorts of races and religious beliefs together in one place to celebrate their joy and cherish this auspicious occasion