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CBSE 10th Result 2023

Cbse 10th Result 2023 May Be Expected As Soon As Possible Students who appear in combined board examination are eagerly waiting for Cbse 10th exam result 2023, It may be expected as of now. Mean Holding candidates as well as parents have a look on the daily updates regarding release of the result  Who can check and find easily If the CBSE results are released soon, it will be a big relief for students who have been waiting for their results. It will also be a big relief for parents who have been worried about their children's future.  The release of the results will also be a big relief for colleges and universities, who have been waiting to see which students they will be able to accept into their programs. What are the Dates for Cbse 10th Results 2023? The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is the national level board of education in the Country India for both public as well as private schools, controlled and managed by the Union Government of India. Class 10th Result o

Uttarayan 2022 Date

 Uttarayan 2022 Date is most much more enjoying day in which all will ready to play happily and can be easily checked from any News and even from the online as well from the Regular Calendar also as the term Uttarayan for the year 2022. It is made from the main two festival sanskrit words uttara and as well as ayan which means the north and main valuable important for all and this is so much more details from online also.

Uttarayan 2022 End Date can also be find  in online 

 So, the word Uttarayan is actually means the movement of the earth towards on the main celestial sphere. This process starts actual from the day after season winter in the Month of January every year and is it mainly continued till the period of the summer in the month of June. 

So the beginning of the Uttarayan is mostly in the Month of starting on 14th January Every Year. On that day, Sun enters capricorn sign. That is why, on that day it  is celebrated as the Festival Makar Sankranti also. In the State of Gujarat and also in the Maharashtra, this important festival mainly which is celebrated as named as Uttarayan.

 This festival is also celebrated as the Pongal in most important southern states of the Country India. Its a belief that is the day which is a very fruitful. On that day of Uttarayan is mainly said to be day of God and in the state of Gujarat, Colorful Kites will be Playing by many relatives as the festival is mostly celebrated on that  day without any doubt.

Uttarayan Date 2022  is very important so check for the information about the details regarding the uttarayan in the year 2022 is actually on the date in Month of January regarding Uttarayan News 2022

In that month so many people inviting friends relative family members together meet at a single place in the upstairs all together. 


Uttarayan 2022


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